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Riding Horses

The very reason why we own and breed Icelandic horses. Skolli has unlimited reserved of power and energy, while still being well-mannered and unimpressed by everything. He's the horse you ride whenever you just need to unwind and feel good – he's a true gem. Skolli is the natural leader of our herd and everubody's favourite. He was used in competitions in his early years but now he is enjoying trail rides and dressage training.
_Óður frá Tórfastöðum (8,07)
Hrafnkell frá Ólafsvöllum (7,80)
Glenna frá Hömrum (7,73)
_Náttrún fra Katulabo Hrannar frá Selfossi (8,63) 2nd Prize, Offspring
Tinna frá Kolkuósi (7,51)

Strong, solid and utterly dependable riding horse with good speed reserves and excellent manners. She's 5 gaited and has a wonderful trot and a speedy pace combined with an unusually strong 1st prize pedigree. A pleasure for anyone to ride. Gína is the half sister of our brood mare Dimm frá Kjarna, who has granted us some very promising offsprings. Gína should be presented at a breeding show once she is ready but because of her studies, Ditte is lacking the time to prepare her, so she's offered for sale.
_Ljósvaki frá Akureyri (8,31)
Kjarval, Sauðárkróki (8,32)Honorary Prize, Offspring
Kvika frá Brún (8,04)
_Ör frá Akureyri (8,00) Hervar, Sauðárkróki (8,27) Honorary Prize, Offspring
Laufa frá Akureyri (8,19)

This boy is a genuine good boy - he has a heart of pure, solid gold. He's a lovely looking chestnut with extremely good manners and the cutest innocent nature. He has also got a really good, natural tölt and nice looking trot and canter, all of which comes easy to him. Júlíus was started last year and is now a great ride, being a riding horse comes easy to him and he's very cooperative. His dam is the first horse we ever bred so Júlíus is our pride and joy.

_Nökkvi fra Ryethøj (8,18) Fengur frá Íbishóli (8,26) Double World Champion
Hekla frá Miðsitju (8,02) 1st Prize, Offspring
_Tyra fra Egemosegård Hrannar frá Selfossi (8,63) 2nd Prize, Offspring
Vina fra Bjørnstrupgård

Kári is Ditte's horse, she purchased him while he was still in his mother's womb. Kári is the half brother of Júlíus Fífill (above). Kári is the gentle giant, logs for legs and a solid body. He has enormous movements and a particularly impressive trot and supple canter. Kári is a bit of a big goofball but he has a friendly disposition making him an honest companion for trail rides and with training, perhaps also competitions. Put down due to unremovable tooth growth near his center of balance and brain.
_Nökkvi fra Ryethøj (8,18)
Fengur frá Íbishóli (8,26) Double World Champion
Hekla frá Miðsitju (8,02) 1st Prize, Offspring
_Gála fra Busbjerg Gneisti fra Hedensted (7,64) 1st Prize, Offspring
Muska fra Skagen