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About Us

The Vemming family consists of Mikke, Bent, Dea, Ditte, and Rikke. We're enthusiastic breeders of quality Icelandic horses from our hobby farm "Engholm" situated 40 minutes north of Copenhagen in Denmark.

We aim to breed versatile, manageable, and strong 5 gaited horses with spirit, natural talent, and excellent exteriuer. Our brood mares are all enjoyable riding horses now passing these traits on to their offsprings. Our choices of stallions to suit them are always a result of many, many hours of worldfengur and stud book examinations, dinner table discussions, thorough offspring analysis, and of course: gut feeling.

Our horses all receive the best possible care from the moment they're born. They grow up eating herbs, legumes, and grass + vitamin and mineral supplements as needed, and they're frequented by both farrier and vet to make sure they're growing up healthy. They're always treated and trained with kindness, but they are never spoilt and good manners are always expected from them.